Creative partnerships enhance research
Research enhances creative partnerships

CREATE-REACT grew out of Pint of Science and the University of Bristol with the aim of engaging audiences with research through art. We want to break down barriers and access to both research and art by providing FREE creative events for everyone. We belive that creative exploration leads to truly meaningful and impactful conversation between researchers, artists and audiences.

Current opportunities

Data science commission

In partnership with the University's Jean Golding Institute (JGI), CREATE-REACT seeks an artist to work with academic data scientists on short collaborative project for a public science event at the MShed. Up to £5000 funding is available. For application guidance, see this document and the application form.

The deadline (16/04/2021) has now passed.

Creative residence

CREATE-REACT is working with the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol to engage audiences with mathematics through art. Funding of £15,375 for a 6 month part-time residence in the School of Mathematics is available for an artist/creative to work on open-ended collaborations with researchers from different mathematical disciplines. Job description

The deadline (1/07/2020) has now passed.

Creative Science Clubs

CREATE-REACT is working with the Bristol Medical School at the University of Bristol to develop and deliver after-school clubs at primary schools in Bristol. Funding is available for creatives to work with researchers. The funding will cover fees and material costs. There is roughly £3,000 available for this project. Creatives must have experience working with young children (year 5 and 6) and be willing to deliver sessions with researchers. If successful, additional funding will be applied for to expand the project in 2021. For any questions email

Due to the current situation with coronavirus and school closures the project will not take place until the new school year. It is likely the first sessions will take place in January.

Recent work

Active [Drawing] Matter

A collaborative artwork by Daksha Patel and Dr Silke Henkes. The piece involved construction of an interactive active matter system, consisting of moving chalks driven by a circular vibrating blackboard. The traces left by the chalk leave a visual imprint of their journey across the surface.


A collaborative artwork by Paul Nano Skawinski and Dr Shibabrat Naik. It was inspired by research in applied dynamical systems and draws specifically from recent work on mathematical structures that underpin chemical reactions.

High to Low: Swimming Through

A collaborative artwork by Zoë Power and Dr Rachel Bennett. The piece is inspired by the theory and application of research into how micro-organisms, such as bacteria, swim in fluids that they experience as being highly viscous. Click on the artwork for more information ➔

What we do


We have worked with over 100 artists and 100 researchers from diverse backgrounds and research areas. Our exhibitions have been held in pubs, co-working spaces, galleries and community centres. We've had over 5,000 visitors from Bristol, the surrounding areas and as far away as Venice, Italy.

Workshops for children

We deliver unique workshops, events and after-school clubs based around the creative exploaration of research. We've explored evolution and natural selection, microbes and the microbiome, emotions and robots and much more with hundreds of children both in school and at youth centres in Bristol.

Events for adults

Whether it's working with Rising Ape to sell inventions to the Galactic Dragon's Den or exploring artistic practices and research processes with the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit there's an event to suit everyone.

Work with us!

We're always looking for creatives and researchers to help build stories and bring research to life.

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If you work for a school or a community group and are interested in workshops, working with us or want to get in touch with an artist or researcher let us know!