Creative Reactions, 2018

In May 2018 we held an art science exhibition at the Hamilton House community centre, Bristol. A total of 35 artist and scientist pairs produced pieces of art that ranged from marble sculptures and acrylic to stained glass and a cabinet of mysteries.

Alongside the exhibition we held a number of activites for visitors including regular badge making sessions with Amy Hutchings and a robotics demonstration and exploration of human robot interfaces from Bristol Robotics Lab. Evaluation is available for download.


[Laughing and looking embarrassed] In a really bad way I would have thought science is a bit more important especially the work that’s produced from it...I gained a lot more respect for art than I had before...It’s a great process I really enjoyed it and there’s not many opportunities to engage the public like this so I would love to do it again!


When working with a scientist it opens up all sorts of opportunities and makes you aware of a world I didn’t know existed. Having done it last year, I have a direct comparison and I feel like the communication this year was fantastic, the support given by the team was wonderful. Any questions were quickly answered, and a small amount of money for material was fantastic and really important.