Creative Reactions, 2017

In May 2017 we held an art science exhibition at the Greenbank Pub in Easton, Bristol. This was our first exhibition and we kept it small with just over 10 artists and researchers taking part.


[Laughing and looking embarrassed] In a really bad way I would have thought science is a bit more important especially the work that’s produced from it...I gained a lot more respect for art than I had before...It’s a great process I really enjoyed it and there’s not many opportunities to engage the public like this so I would love to do it again!


When working with a scientist it opens up all sorts of opportunities and makes you aware of a world I didn’t know existed. Having done it last year, I have a direct comparison and I feel like the communication this year was fantastic, the support given by the team was wonderful. Any questions were quickly answered, and a small amount of money for material was fantastic and really important.